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WMNS Nike Shox R4 (2003)

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A couple of months ago there was a debate on whether or not Shox was ever a cool shoe. Yes, a LOT of the Shox were horrible.... ok, terrible! But in all honesty the biggest issue was seeing chavs and gym dude grunting while lifting. The overall consensus was, most of the Shox other than the R4 and BB4 were pretty... blah! The VC range was decent and random fact, the VC and BB4 is a HUGE shoe in Cape Town, South Africa... right now! Anyway, this women’s R4 colourway, one of the originals not being retroed, is excellent. Almost a UNC feel to them. If anyone doesn’t remember the adverts for Shox, check the last 3 slides. The second one is terrible, but the celeb death match is great. At one point, everyone wanted a pair of Shox! Drake was seen wearing a pair in the UK after studying UK culture and knowing it was a staple on the streets at one point in time