Archive DNA is a sneaker community platform, bridging the gap between the collectors, purists and the younger generation. Carlos Dwyer and Magdi Fernandes, co-founders of Archive DNA, has over 25 years experience in the industry and has been serving the community with knowledge and passion since the late '90s. While starting as just a regular IG page, Archive DNA has adopted the role of being a knowledge base for the larger community, sharing the back stories of some of the most obscure and rarest shoes ever made, as well as current releases. 


The story telling is a big part of why a lot of the community got in to sneakers in the first place, whether it was the tech, the design inspiration, but also the nostalgia and memories of your peers wearing the shoes while growing up, and there is nowhere in this digital age that can be used a resource for anyone to go and read up or even look up old sneakers. Archive DNA will fix that problem with an archive / store page that will provide high quality images, as well real back stories on the shoes that will include things like product name, product code, year of production, key features of the shoes etc. This is important as a digital resource of sneakers will help future generations fall in love the same way millions of others have over the years. 



False information, a lack of resources and facts has turned the internet in to a place of Followers = Truth, regardless if it is or not. Sneaker journalism is an art form that doesn't exist on many platforms anymore. We want to bring that back, with some of the best writers around with knowledge, passion and experience behind them. This is not a blog, but more like a magazine. Features, editorials, reviews, interviews and more.