Nike Air Super Fly B
  • Nike Air Super Fly B

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    The Nike Air Super Fly B. Another Japanese running inspired pair that has a unique design feature that not many shoes have ever had. It was  designed inside out. In our guess it was to prevent friction on your feet when you walk. The early 2000s, when this shoe was released, was a time when Nike was experimenting a lot more on lifestyle footwear and apparel. While its roots were firmly based on sprinting/running, it was aimed more at lifestyle than performance, ie, Air Woven etc. Looking at todays performance runners, you can actually see some similarities with this pair thats close to 20 years old. A simple asthetic, premium materials, breathable upper and a very unique design. The leather on these are so soft and supple that it absorbed some of the red collar, which actually looks quite good. There were several variations of these including an incredibly soft suede version. This was actually a very popular shoe and sold very well.  They were rereleased in 2010 but it wasn’t as good as the originals. Does anyone know the designer of these?


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