Womens Nike Air Max 90 B - Cream
  • Womens Nike Air Max 90 B - Cream


    In the early 2000s, Nike introduced a coding on their boxes that has never been confirmed by anyone. The Nike Air Max 90 B. Rumour has it, the B represents a new retro colourway that uses different materials etc. IE Air Max 1 B “Atmos”, Dunk Low Pro B and so on. These women’s 90s are beautiful. Great shape, mesh toe box, premium leather, great colours. Does anyone remember the @courir Denim Air Max 90 B? By far my fav Air Max 90 of all time.... but because it was a women’s version, I could never find my size. On top of that, it was a regular GR available in a chain store and the quality was amazing.


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