Womens Nike Air Rift B
  • Womens Nike Air Rift B


    At one point, this shoe was one of the most popular shoes in Europe and even more so in Japan since it’s first release in 1995 until the mid 2000s. It’s design was fully inspired by Kenyan barefoot runners, from the original colourway of the Kenyan flag, the design, and even the name of the shoe. Named after the Great Rift Valley, where Africa is literally splitting in two, it was used as another source of design inspiration to create the decoupled feature to split the toes to give the the runner a more natural motion to “mimic” barefoot running. This shoe also resembles the Japanese traditional “Tabi” footwear which could be the reason why it was so well received. In Europe, Rifts were highly collectible with some reaching over £500 ($700). This women’s pair was one of the B colourways. Also comes with the mint green socks were are very rare. 


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